Montclair HS (87-88)
The Mounties have had some great teams over the years but the 1987-88 edition stood out. Montclair, coached by Bruce Parker, posted a 26-2 record.
Montclair topped Seton Hall Prep, 7-2, in the Gordon Cup, and beat St. Joseph of Montvale, 2-1, in the state championship game. The leaders for Montclair were forward Phil Mandry and defenseman Darrin List.


Darren List
John Frank
Brad Mandry
Philip Mandry
Colin Samuelson
Erik Bayersdorfer
Rob DiGeronimo
Ryan Hallam
Brian Felber
Julian Clark
Eddie Krupp
Danny Corcoran
Chris Kenrick
Ben Johnson
Rob Haberbusch
James Burger
John Morris
Hunter Ross
Greg Rones
Jason Taylor
James Thompson


Ethan Brown
Sue Van Morrelgem
Montase Coughman
Heidi Dommasch
Kim Rogers


Coach Bruce Parker
Coach Tom Clifford