The Nomination Process

Hall of Fame nominees shall include individuals who have raised the level of awareness of high school ice hockey through their distinguished achievement and excellence or through their contributions to high school ice hockey. These individuals may include student athletes, coaches, administrators, contest officials, media personnel, athletic trainers, or distinguished volunteers. Nominees may be retired from their field, or still active. Nominees must exemplify the highest standards of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and moral character.

A completed nomination form must be submitted to The New Jersey High School Ice Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee by the specified deadline.

Any individual with a demonstrated interest in New Jersey high school ice hockey may submit a nomination.

An individual may not nominate himself or herself.

Once an individual has been nominated, their nomination will remain active for a period of 4 years or until such time they are inducted into the Hall of Fame. If the nominee is not selected for induction during this 4 year period, the nomination becomes inactive and the nominee must be renominated.

Please do not submit multiple nominations for the same person.

The selection committee shall consist of coaches, administrators, on or off ice officials, media personnel or volunteers experienced and versed in the New Jersey ice hockey community.

All nominees will be assessed on their significant and or long term contributions to high school hockey. While many may have served their schools, communities and professions over a long and distinguished career, their accomplishments must have been worthy of statewide recognition for them to be considered. Longevity, without meaningful impact, does not constitute appropriate credentials for the Hall of Fame.

The selection committee may also waive the minimum years of service required when exceptional circumstances have prevented an otherwise worthy candidate from meeting the requirement.

The selection committee may also submit nominations.

Categories for Nomination

Individuals may be nominated representing four categories; player, coach, team and contributor. These groupings are for screening purposes to assist those making the nominations in understanding the type of information required. The nominee must have exemplified the qualities of good citizenship and personal integrity, both during their involvement in high school ice hockey and throughout his or her life.

Criteria for Induction:


  • A player will be eligible for induction 5 years after graduation.
  • The player must have been a varsity ice hockey athlete for a minimum of 2 years.
  • The athlete must have conducted themselves in such a way as to reflect honor on their school and must have exhibited those qualities of character and standards of conduct consistent with their status as a role model to the game.
  • Criteria considerations shall include league and state awards and recognition, league and state championships, professional sports selection, state and school records established, individual statistics, retirement of number and the athlete’s school hall of fame status.

The selection committee will consider the athlete’s overall contribution to ice hockey both during high school and beyond and weigh carefully both high school achievements and overall achievements as a measure of overall success in ice hockey.


  • A coach must be an active or retired varsity or assistant ice hockey coach at a New Jersey High School for a minimum of 5 years.

The selection committee will consider the coaches overall team records or accomplishments, coaching records or accomplishments, and the number of years of service to New Jersey ice hockey. The committee may also consider any other contributions a coach has made to help develop and foster ice hockey in New Jersey. The selection committee will also give consideration to a coach exhibiting outstanding achievement in league or state championships, coaching honors by recognized organizations or media groups, career records or winning percentage and athletic success of athletes coached.


  • A team will be eligible for induction 5 years after graduation of its most junior athlete.

The selection committee will consider the overall team records, winning percentage, overall accomplishments, achievement in league or state championships, team honors by recognized organizations or media groups, and athletic success of individual athletes within the team.


The selection committee will consider contributors to high school ice hockey who have served in the roles of administrator, athletic director, game official, media personnel, athletic trainer and/or distinguished volunteer. A contributor will be considered primarily on the merits of their service and outstanding contributions to high school ice hockey other than coaching and playing. A player, coach or community member whose efforts have had a significant impact on the high school ice hockey community may be considered for selection. The nominee’s character also will receive consideration.

Please Note:

Eligibility of outstanding contributors will be at the sole discretion of the selection committee.

A candidate for induction into the Hall of Fame must receive unanimous approval from the selection committee.

Please do not submit multiple entries for the same person

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