Chatham Township 1978-1979

Chatham Township


The Chatham Township 1978-1979 hockey team’s 19-2-1 overall record and 15-0 conference record gave the Gladiators one of their best seasons ever. Kevin Knightly, in his last year, led the team and the state in goals scored. Bob Campi and Marty Williams were almost unbeatable on defense but if they were beaten Pete Lockhart was in goal to make the save. Rob Russell and Rick Hurd joined Knightly on the first line. John Fleming, Gerry Simmons, Mike Kelly, Tom Clinton, Jim Ragold, Keith Knightly and Joe Guerriero made up the other forward lines. Dean Nolle, Bobby Knightly, Todd Suraci relieved Campi and Williams on defense. Keith Zurawski and Lenny Ware came on for Lockhart. Glenn Destefano, when he wasn’t injured did an excellent job on Kevin’s line. The Gladiators were ranked third in the state and won the Mennen Cup.

Chatham Township (1978-79)


Bobby Knightly
Martin Williams
Gerald Simmons
Dean Nolle
Glenn DeStefano
Bob Campi
Kevin Knightly
Keith Knightly
John Fleming
Peter Lockhart
Lenny Ware
Tim Clinton
Mike Kelly
Joe Guerriero
Jim Ragold
Todd Suraci
Rob Russell
Rick Hurd
Keith Zurawski


Ron Evans
Bill Meussen


Tracy Pfannkuche
Claire Monaghan Biss
Mary Kate McNally
Clare Lockhart Skeins

Penalty Box Keeper

Ne Ne McNally


Harvey Cohen