The 1976 CTHS ice hockey team was entered in a new league this year. They played all their games at Mennen Arena. They breezed through their 14 game schedule without a blemish, largely because of the consistent fire-power of their first line. Seniors Tom Gill, Jim Brill and Jim Schletzer were the three leading scorers in the league. Gill scored 98 points and thwarted other teams’ efforts almost single handedly. Other outstanding players on Coach Cohen’s squad were goaltender Tom Jenkins, defensemen Steve Black and Paul DeStefano, and forwards Harry Dietrich, Tom Brill and John Fetten.

Steve Black
Jim Brill
Tom Brill
Harry Deitrich
Paul DeStefano
Mike Driscoll
John S Fetten
Tom Gill
Tom Jenkins
Jack Knightly
Jim Lockhart
Doug MacMaster
A.J. McNally
Steve Paddon
Rich Ragold
Jim Schletzer
Rick Stimets
Tom Suger
Doug Vezzosi
Head Coach – Harvey Cohen

Andrew Irish – Manager
Janice Powers – Statistician

Chatham Township 1975-76